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Shiwi seeks to create harmony between producers, consumers and the Amazon rainforest


Shiwi works hand in hand with Conservamos por Naturaleza to
bring to market products from voluntary conservation areas across Peru, produced by people who strive to live in and with nature, protecting some of the world’s most precious resources and wildlife.

Shiwi is a member of the Association of Amazon Nut Gatherers of Tambopata Reserve (ASCART), an organization that helps to preserve the rainforest through the traditional and sustainable harvest of Amazon nuts. This activity is an economic alternative to illegal mining and deforestation.


Shiwi raises awareness among its customers and partners about the origins of food and cosmetics products, and the importance of purchasing sustainable and fair trade products that preserve the ecosystems and support the communities they come from.

The companyhas direct and transparent relationships along its supply chains. Shiwi is a successful model of female entrepreneurship and biotrade.

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