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Superfoods from Peru! Quinoa, Maca, Cacao, Sacha Inchi, Lucuma, Coffee, Camu Camu, Golden Berries, Yacon


All our products are traditionally grown and processed in Peru by small farming co-operations. Most products are cultivated and harvested by hand, the same way as it was done by their ancient forefathers.

Processing such as washing, drying, and sorting is all done naturally and by hand. Products are packed in environmentally friendly packaging material and transported using the most environmentally friendly way of transport available.

OrganicCrops invests into training and maintaining social and environmental responsible farming.


OrganicCrops is a fair trade company ensuring that indigenous Peruvian farmers receive fair compensation for their crops. Most farmers and farming cooperations/communities do not have access to the international market place. OrganicCrops provides access to international clients, wholesalers and international traders. We do not buy the product from the farmers. Instead we work on a commission basis, ensuring the majority of profit ends up with the farmers and their community.

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