BUSINESS: Heiveld Cooperative
CITY: South Africa
Country: South Africa
Without any political representation or direct access to markets, the people of Suid Bokkeveld have not only had to deal with economic and social hardships, but unpredictable weather. Drought is not uncommon and extreme temperatures have been known to decimate crops. It has therefore been ideal to grow a drought resistant member of the protea family commonly known as Rooibos tea.
Since its establishment in 2001, the Heiveld Cooperative has been able to reinvest in its community through the help of Fair Trade certification and premiums. Representing 60 small scale farmers, the cooperative has helped them develop better livelihoods. The first harvest was created in 2006, which gave a greater employment incentive for women through product packaging.

**All images from Creative Commons. Specific Authors: David Bote Estrada, Kristina D.C Hoeppner, Romain Guy.