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Fundacion Chankuap Recursos para el Futuro

Founded in the Achuar territory, the foundation was formed to provide more sustainability and community development.


Crops are cultivated on small areas of land, using parameters for organic agriculture, and with no monocultures. Furthermore, management plans are implemented for each wild-harvested species to ensure its sustainable use. The foundation helped to conduct community plans of territorial systems, where the communities themselves require their people to respect certain rules intended to protect their territory, forest, animals, water, etc.


Our goal is to improve the current marginalization of minority rural and forests groups through:
• Research revealing the socioeconomic and cultural situation of the population, along with their opportunities for employment and sustainable self-development
• Development and implementation of programs that promote the growth and diversification of their activities the communities that benefit from the Foundation, promoting the integral development community.
• Training programs, consulting, and technical and legal assistance for the community organizations and for the community in general.
• Collaboration with national and / or international, governmental and private agencies who attribute funds to research and implement social assistance programs, which are aimed at fighting poverty in our country through: plans, programs, specific and comprehensive projects.
• Researching, planning, and carrying out projects for community and national development, in the cultural, social, scientific, technological, educational and sports spheres.
• Providing advice, guidance and training to the development of the community and the country, public agencies and private law.
• Encourage communities to establish and develop production and marketing channels that favor them.

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