BUSINESS: Ecoaldeas
CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
Ecoaldeas Peru is a Social Enterprise implementing a Sustainable Development Model in the Peruvian Rural Upper Amazon. The foundations of this model are Forest and Natural Resources Conservancy, Ecotourism and Sustainable Farming.

Our Social Business Model includes a local Community Based Tourism Association (CBTA) conformed by 50 active members (eco-tour guides, porters, cooks, beekeepers, edible gardeners - horticulture, artisans and native communities).

It also includes a public-private joint-venture to run the Global Amazon School with local government. It is meant to keep training local skills for the eco-businesses on the way (ecotourism, sustainable farming, sustainable forest products harvesting, among others), to be in charge of Research & Development (R&D) of new sustainable businesses and to prepare local groups, youth and children with the required skills.

We are now preparing to launch the Rainforest Mountain Trek (RMT): a one-of-a-kind eco-tour that combines the best practices of : Peruvian Amazon Ecotourism and Peruvian Andean Treks. This educational trail can be done in 3 or 5 days and consists of different thematic moments for the visitor: landscapes, biodiversity, adventure, local traditions & culture and relax enjoying nature.

RMT is meant to become the trigger of this sustainability model. It provides cash for local ecological farmers willing to supply local food for the trail, thus beginning to improve farming practices. It also supports tour guides, porters, cooks, artisans, monitoring and evaluation (M&E's) of forest's biodiversity, among other local services provided by the CBTA. this is the first step of our medium-term strategy.