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A social enterprise uniting 46 cooperatives dedicated to sustainably managing forests and producing the world's first organic chewing gum.


The tropical forest of southeastern Mexican, along with those of Guatemala, Beliz, Honduras, and Nicaragua form the Gran Pretén, the second largest tropical forest after the Amazon. In the Mexican states of Quintana Roo, Campeche, and yucatán, these forest have survived and prospered, covering 1.3 million hectares, in contras with other parts of the country, where 80% or primary forest has been lost to the timber, ranching, and agricultural industries. Chicza's production of chewing gum sustainably harvests latex (see "About Us" for a complete description of the harvesting process) , adding value to and preserving the primary forest. Our commitment to best environmental practices is seen through our Organic certification, and our dedication to the production of a completely natural, biodegradable product.


The production of Chicza Organic Chewing gum provides a sustainable livelihood to 46 cooperatives dedicate to adding value to forests and providing incomes for their families, without damaging the forest that has supported them throughout generations, and which is an essential part of their future. Chicza operates under Fair Trade schemes, ensuring that the our chewing not only benefits forests, but its people as well.

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