BUSINESS: Instituto Kabu
CITY: Brazil
Country: Brazil
Instituto Kabu is conformed by Kayapó Mekrãgnoti indigenous people. They develop a project called Sociobiodiversity Kayapó, focusing on the economic exploitation of various productive activities. One of them is the collection of Brazil nuts, which has undergone three cycles: initially, communities sold the nuts in their shells to local middlemen; they then sought to benefit further from the nut and extract its oil with a focus on international markets; when this effort did not yield the desired results the communities returned to trading the whole nut. The Kabu Institute is working on a long-term plan to build a plant for processing the nuts, testing and structuring a mini-processing plant in order to add greater value to the product and diversify production. Another project, implemented by women of the Baú Village, stands out for its use of traditional methods for extracting oil form the babassu coconut. Despite the various possibilities for using and processing babassu, its oil currently has the greatest economic importance.