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Associação Terra Indígena Xingu

Representing the Xingu Indigenous Park and its communities through sustainable honey production.


Inseparable from our mission to support the Xingu people is our aim to protect our natural resources. The threat of private interests could deprive our park and people of its biodiversity, and so through our establishment we protect these resources, using them to sustainably generate income through the production of honey in the Park. Our honey is the first honey in Brazil to be certified organic by a Participatory Guarantee System.


Our mission is to strengthen the Xingu peoples, preserving their culture and traditional customs, seeking their economic development in a sustainable manner, and ensuring their role in the preservation of natural resources.

Under the Association?s bylaws, our goals are:
I) To promote environmental and cultural protection for the indigenous peoples of the Xingu Indigenous Park
2) To promote, organize and execute activities to protect and monitor the territorial heritage and natural resources of the Xingu Indigenous Park
3) To promote the development of sustainable economic alternatives for the Xingu indigenous peoples, respecting the preservation of their cultures, their traditional modes of production and their management of natural resources
4) To promote the development of activities that ensure the health and well-being of the Xingu peoples
5) To organize courses and internship programs, and other activities related to the education of the Xingu indigenous peoples
6) To develop and support the activities that meet the transportation needs of Xinguanos

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