BUSINESS: Asociacion para la Investigacion y Desarrollo Integral - AIDER
CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
AIDER is a peruvian non-governmental organization founded in 1986, committed with forest conservation and sustainable development in Peru.

- Non –profit Civil Association Registry in National Public Registration (Ficha N° 7624, Partida Electrónica N° 01834932)
- NGO Recipient of International Technical Cooperation Registry in International Cooperation National Agency (Resolución No. 008-94/PRES-SECTI).
- National Registry as Provider of Services (N°S0065730)
- Registry as Entity Receiving Donations in Economic Ministery (Resolución Ministerial MEF 080-2012-EF/15)
- Registry in National Tax Agency (RUC 20197543672).

Our Mission: AIDER is an organization that harmonizes sustainable development and environmental conservation, managing innovative initiatives for sustainable use of tropical forests with gender equality, multicultural approach, social inclusion and participation of people who live in the forest and make use of its products and services.

Our Vision: Peruvians who value, conserve, use and get benefits of the forests.

Our Mission took form in 2011 with the creation of PROMACER (the Community Association for Certified Wood Producers), which unites communities managing Forest Stewardship Council certified forests. AIDER provides technical support to PROMACER and their producer communities, and PROMACER ensures that the community members maintain their commitment to the certification and sustainable management. Take a look at PROMACER's profile here:
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