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Asociacion Forestal Indigena Madre de Dios - AFIMAD

AFIMAD is an organization of indigenous producers developing value chains in FairTrade and Organic forest products.


All of our productive activities are done within agroforestry frameworks and with technical support from our ally NGO's (WWF, AIDER, ACCA, Rainforest Alliance). Each community associated with AFIMAD has received training regarding REDD, and identified high value forests for conservation. These activities provide an economic alternative to illegal deforestation activities, and our commitment to best practices ensures a sustainable future for our communities and forests.


AFIMAD's commitment to its forests benefits its communities as much as its ecosystems. Communities receive access to funds for processing timber and non-timber products, allowing them to earn premium prices for their materials. Our Fair Trade certification and agreements with responsible companies such as Candela Peru ensure just and stable incomes for our community members, and women are included in the community economy by producing handicrafts, and working in various links in the value chain of our products. AFIMAD's community initiatives also include school gardens and improved child nutrition.

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