Profile picture of Asociación El Bosque del Futuro Ojos de Agua

Asociación El Bosque del Futuro Ojos de Agua

Association of farmers committed to conserving forests in the Ojos de Agua Conservation Concession-financed through the sale of coconut oil.


The Association was born in the hopes of conserving forests and guaranteeing environmental sustainability for future generations. In this way, the production and marketing of coconut oil is carried out using processes that minimize any negative environmental impact, making efficient use of the coconut, making sure nothing goes to waste (such as the husks, which are later used to create carbon bricks).


The production and sale of coconut oil creates jobs for association members and provides them with increased income. It also promotes the growth of the coconut industry throughout the region, enabling the social and economic development of the community.
The association hopes to improve their social aims through a committee of community youth focusing on gender, building a basis of discussion and leadership for and from the local population.

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