BUSINESS: Asociación El Bosque del Futuro Ojos de Agua
CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
Motivated by our dedication to forest conservation, our small group of farmers took the initiative to form the Pucacaca District Conservation Committe (Comité de Conservación del distrito de Pucacaca) on January 13, 2003, dedicating ourselves to fighting deforestation and indiscriminate hunting practices. In 2006 we registered ourselves in the public registry as the "Asociación El Bosque del Futuro Ojos de Agua." Worried about the possibility of losing the benefits that our forests and its ecosystem services provide for our community economy and agriculture, we decided in 2007 to file a request to the INRENA for a conservation area of 2,413.13 hectares, which was granted in June 2010, to be renewed in 40 years. Since then, the Ojos de Agua Conservation Concession, located iin the Picota Province, has been managed by 16 male and female associates, committed to the conservation of the area's diverse flora and fauna. The concession's management means carrying out diverse activities requiring economic resources. As agriculture is our main economic activity, we identified coconut processing as an opportunity to generate additional income, as the palm is abundant in the conservation area. As an association we process and commercialize coconut oil in order increase incomes and to sustainably finance our conservation activities.