CITY: Ecuador
Country: Ecuador
API REAL is a family business created by a married couple passionate about beekeeping. We consider beekeeping one of the most noble, rich, healthy, environmentalist, fulfilling activities that a human being can engage in.

Inevitably beekeeping contributes to the development of agriculture, as crops depend on flower pollination, and bees pollinate about 70% of fruit and vegetable species. Engaging with honey production is also a remembrance of a traditional medicine shared across countries and cultures globally. Honey was the first natural sweetener known and used by mankind, and was also employed in a myriad of herbal recipes with great results. To date honey is not only food but a health and beauty source as well.

We believe that beekeeping should be classified as a government priority in all Nations as these noble insects, belonging to the order Hymenoptera and present on our Planet for over 5 million years, contribute not only by pollinating fields, but also to environmental stability. Their vital existence was reason for one of the greatest minds of the last century, Albert Einstein, to claim that "the day when bees disappear, there is four more years of life left for the human species."