BUSINESS: Algarrobos organicos del Peru
CITY: Peru
Country: Peru
Since 2007, Algarrobos Organicos was created with the goal to rescue the best ancient knowledge and wisdom from the Peruvian Andes, Amazon and Coastal regions, in order to attain the best products and take to people's homes. Following this tradition we grow, process and comercialize within organic systems and standards.

Algarrobos Orgánicos del Perú develops its activities supporting and providing capacity building for over 200 community members from the highland Andean zones north of Peru.

**All images from Creative Commons.
Specific Authors Golden Berry images: Angela Michelucci, Forest and Kim Starr.
Specific Authors Cacao images: Miguel Vaca, Jordi Sanchez, Malcom Manners, Renée Johnson, Scott Nelson.