Welcome to Canopy Bridge Direct! We are excited to launch our latest endeavor to bring products from sustainable suppliers directly to customers. Every year we meet suppliers all over the world with unique products and for the first time we are working with a new buying process to bring you their products.

The barriers to bringing small, sustainability produced or harvested products to market can be immense and the start-up costs prevent so many products from ever reaching people outside of a small geographical area. Canopy Bridge has decided to create a site where new products can be offered for sale, and when a “critical mass” of orders has been reached, we help those suppliers import their products and distribute them to you.

We will offer products for order or pre-order, with the option to pay for products automatically when the shipment is made or to reserve products on a first-come, first-served basis, where you will be contacted to return and complete your purchase when the product is ready for shipment.

Future products will be introduced on our “Wishlist” and you can subscribe to a product and be alerted when it is available for sale or pre-order.

Canopy Bridge will bring you products and flavors you can only read about now and we hope to build markets for the many unique producers we see each year.

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