Macambo Seeds

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Sustainable nutrition from the rainforest Macambo seeds have been an essential food source for indigenous peoples of the Amazon for generations. With over 20% protein they are a perfect plant-based food for fueling athletes. And macambo seeds are just delicious. Great-tasting and with a satisfying crackling crunch, they´re an addictive and healthy snack and an amazing ingredient for baking, desserts, granolas, and anywhere you use nuts.



Nutritional powerhouse

You could be forgiven for just eating macambo seeds because they´re delicious (they’re our go-to snack in the office – and you should try Jacob´s macambo tart!)

But macambo is an indulgence you can feel really good about – it packs a powerful, healthy nutritional boost in a tasty package.

20% protein – that´s 3x more than macadamia and 1.5x more than walnuts

The carb:protein ratio of 2½ : 1 is ideal for post-workout fueling and muscle-building.  Like a protein bar without the added sugar. And it’s a nutrient combination that keeps you feeling full.

Healthy dose of theobromine. Theobromine has been found to lower blood pressure, give you a smoother caffeine-like energy boost and is potentially the source of the mood-lifting effects of chocolate.

Where does macambo come from?

Macambo is a cousin of cacao, from the rainforest species Theobroma bicolor. Indigenous Amazon farmers in Peru and Ecuador have cultivated scattered macambo trees for generations as part of their agroforestry systems as an important source of nourishment in traditional diets. They are typically grown in family orchards that mimic the structure of the surrounding jungle.

Macambo is also known as patasmuyo in Kichwa-speaking Ecuador, pataxte in Mayan Mexico and

Mesoamerica, and sometimes as “cacao blanco”.

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