Canopy Bridge started with an on-line platform to help local producers of sustainable, healthy products connect with other businesses around the world.

Through that network of thousands of local producers we kept discovering amazing products with incredible people behind them, many of them unknown or basically unavailable outside the places they were grown and produced. It seemed like the world was missing out!
So we set out to build a better bridge to connect far-flung producers with people who enjoy cool products – and the fact that they support healthy communities and robust ecosystems.

We are a small international team, based in Ecuador and Peru, with connections around the world.

We’re constantly searching for new products that we just can’t believe the world hasn’t discovered yet. In the rainforests, mountains and coastlines of South America, where we’re based there’s an incredible diversity of entrepreneurial spirits and amazing products to fall in love with. We look to indigenous leaders, chefs, entrepreneurs and scientists for inspiration. And then we work closely with producer groups to get them access to the opportunities they deserve.

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