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The Great Amazonian Pantry: How Eating the Products of the Rainforest Could Save the Earth

This Article was originally published on the website. There is a type of river snail — a churo — in the Peruvian Amazon, large and meaty, that is especially delicious when slow-braised and served in the shell with a bright sauce of golden tapioca pearls. Indigenous people harvest the giant snail when the forest is flooded and transformed into an otherworldly realm where, because of the rising water level, fish swim among the majestic kapok tree and through the umbrella-like branches of the cecropia tree.

Ibis RiceTM: “Eat Rice, Save Birds”

Morning breaks and Mr. Phearun loads a tuk-tuk with rice, numberless airtight packages of premium-quality, organic brown rice. Phnom Penh’s traffic is hectic, but he cannot be late. There are supermarkets and restaurants waiting, and this is not just any grain. Reducing chemical inputs in a floodplain is no easy feat, nor is ensuring forest and wildlife conservation in protected areas, but since 2009, the WCS Cambodia Wildlife Conservation Society and Sansom Mlup Prey –  an NGO whose name means “Saving the Forest” in Khmer – have been innovating the way rice is grown