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  By Karina Bautista We want to share exciting good news: An inspiring palette of diverse sustainable initiatives in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, reached
   June 30, 2016    2
El 16 de Junio, Forest Trends y Canopy Bridge realizaron la conferencia en línea “Estrategias para participar con éxito en ferias internacionales,” la tercera de la serie “Economía y Bosque,”
   June 24, 2016    0
  Cutting out the middlemen and increasing local processing are commonly seen as the key to helping small producers capture more value and improve their incomes. Extracting oil instead of
   May 5, 2016    0
  Comúnmente se cree que evitar los intermediarios y aumentar el procesamiento local son claves para que pequeños productores puedan mejorar sus ingresos. Extraer el aceite en vez de vender
   May 5, 2016    0
  What do black outs in 17 historic churches of Quito, Ecuador, Amazonian hot peppers, and conservation have in common? The 2016 Earth Hour in Ecuador, where Amazon products were
   April 6, 2016    1
by Jacob Olander The Ecuadorian Amazon is remarkably easy to get to. In no other of the eight countries of the Amazon River basin is the rainforest so accessible. In
   March 31, 2016    0
  In our last blog, we explored the important role that bees play in maintaining healthy ecosystems and farms – and the opportunities that honey and beekeeping represent for conservation.
   March 21, 2016    0
  Created in order to provide a system of trust in which buyers can be confident that their products really are what they claim to be, certifications are powerful incentives
   February 24, 2016    0
  Creadas con el fin de proveer un sistema de confianza que garantice al consumidor que el producto que está adquiriendo es en realidad lo que dice ser, las certificaciones
   February 16, 2016    0
  There’s been a lot of buzz on bees lately, namely their disappearance. I’ve heard it thrown into conversations as an almost humorous, apologetic footnote to litanies of woeful world
   January 29, 2016    1
The holidays can bring a welcome change of pace, when we slow down and share time with friends and family. This sharing includes gifts which, while they ought to be
   December 23, 2015    0
As consumers become more focused on the origins of their coffee, the labels and certifications that should help us to identify those which uphold our environmental and social values often
   December 8, 2015    0