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  By Jacob Olander For years, the Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) has been emblematic of the idea that we can conserve the Amazon rainforest by using its valuable products wisely.
   September 20, 2017    0
Este artículo fue originalmente publicado por Ecosystem Marketplace. Traducido por Gabriela Albuja. El Padre Silvio Broseghini no conocía nada sobre marketing o logística cuando creó la Fundación Chankuap en 1996. Sin
   September 7, 2017    0
  This article by Ciro Calderon was originally published by Ecosystem Marketplace Father Silvio Brosegihini knew nothing of marketing or logistics when he founded the Chankuap Foundation in 1996, but
   September 1, 2017    0
  Iván Ulchur-Rota Açai (Euterpe oleracea) is a small black fruit that hangs from tall palms of the lowland regions in the Amazon. In the archipelago of Bailique, in the
   August 10, 2017    0
By Juliana Splendore In late summer of 2016, Emily Stone, the founder of Uncommon Cacao – an American supplier of specialty cacao beans to artisanal chocolate producers – travelled to
   July 28, 2017    0
  This article by Steve Zwick and Ciro Calderon was originally published for Ecosystem Marketplace.   Peruvian cuisine is the ultimate fusion of the indigenous and the exogenous, and it’s
   July 14, 2017    0
  By Iván Ulchur-Rota “Was there enough for everyone?”, I asked Estefy Baldeón, chef and Canopy Bridge consultant, about the fish just grilled in a forest clearing on the banks
   June 30, 2017    0
  Jacob Olander   First it was hamburgers, then chocolate and now guacamole. Tropical forests are being relentlessly sacrificed for our far-away indulgences. Avocado growers are trashing native pine and
   June 2, 2017    0
  Iván Ulchur Rota El açaí (Euterpe oleracea) es un pequeño fruto negro que cuelga de los topes de palmeras en las zonas bajas e inundables en la Amazonía. En
   May 23, 2017    0
  Por David Berón   Imagina lo siguiente: acabas de empezar una empresa para conectar directamente a pequeños agricultores del campo colombiano con miles de consumidores en las grandes ciudades
   May 4, 2017    0
    By David Berón Picture this. You have started a small enterprise to directly connect smallholders in rural Colombia with consumers in the country’s largest cities. Your business model
   May 4, 2017    0
  Agustin Nervi   “Before they came, nothing happened here. There was no market, nothing…” Claudio whispered as he skillfully drove his trusty F-100 through sandy roads across the wild
   April 27, 2017    0