S A C R E D S E E D S: O R G A N I C C O C O A B E A N S
Produced by: TAKAL

FORM: Dried
TYPES/USES: Cocoa and chocolate

Our cacao beans are a 100%, they haven´t suffered any transformation or any artificial processes; therefore –since they are not adulterated– they are very rich in nutrients and very good for your health. The quality of our cocoa beans is unique and exclusive, we begin with cob selection in the orchard, and we ferment it in wooden boxes, for a later sun-dry slow and prolonged process under strict technical protocols, finally we peel each bean manually. Our cocoa beans come exclusively from national fine cocoa, “arriba“ flavor, worldwide cherished for its delicate, mild flavor and its floral scent. You can eat the cocoa beans pure or accompanied by other elements, specially if you don’t like its rich bitter flavor. You may grind them to make cocoa power or slice it up to make nibs and sprinkle in yogurt, cereal and ice-cream.

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