Cacao Nibs
Produced by: OrganicCrops

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Theobroma cacao L, Criollo
OTHER NAMES: raw nibs, roasted nibs
FORM: Raw or roasted
EU Organic Regulation
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USA Organic Regulation
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TYPES/USES: Cocoa and chocolate

he best chocolate in the world is made from Peruvian cacao beans. OrganicCrops cacao beans are hand selected from mature heirloom Criollo trees that are harvested on small family farms in area of Tingo Maria, Huanuco and San Martin, Peru. The soil and climate of Tingo Maria's 'Door of the Amazonia' is ideal for the cultivation of cacao. Cacao pods are harvested and processed (beans or nibs) in the region. We offer the following cacao products: Cacao beans Raw cacao nibs Roasted cacao nibs Cacao powder 10/12 Cacao liquor/mass/paste Cacao butter Cacao shells

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